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Queenstown Adventure Activities By Adventure Junkies

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

As you can appreciate, New Zealand has plenty of outdoor activities to make an adventure out off. However, it takes the touch of a fine-tuned, experienced, and energetic adventure touring company to create a memorable adventure package that is worth reminiscing in the future.

Adventure Junkies Queenstown adventure activities and packages epitomize what an adventure in Queenstown should be all about. Their activities are specially designed and crafted to yield excitement, wonder, and adrenaline rushes all the while remaining incredibly safe.

The packages are designed by Russ Johnston and Geoff Dobbs, the proprietors of Adventure Junkies, whose backgrounds and passion for the outdoors have made them among the foremost outdoor adventure activities curators in the South Island of New Zealand. Russ has a hospitality management and guiding background while Geoff has extensive studies in environmental science, nature interpretation, and guiding.

With Geoff and Russ at the helm of the tour company since 2005, it has grown in stature, while still retaining their core values of providing intimate touring experiences to their clients. The company employs local professionals with an intricate understanding of adventure touring as well as the adventure locations. But perhaps it is the variety of Queenstown adventure activities that make the Adventure Junkies a cut above the rest. The company has a myriad of adventure activities, which ensures that everyone has something to enjoy.

Adventure Junkies have designed several tour packages, each offering a unique combination of their Queenstown adventure activities. The adventure tour packages include:

#1. NZ Adrenalin Package �” This package is curated for adrenaline junkies. It contains a myriad of extreme sports activities, including bungee jumping, Heli biking, grade 5 Whitewater rafting, skydiving, and other activities. With this package, you get to visit some Queenstown best adventure locations such as Lake Wanaka, Peel Forest, and Aspiring National Park.

#2. The NZ Explorer Packages �” With the NZ Explorer package, you get to enjoy the very best South Island’s outdoor scenery. From the golden beaches, underground rivers, to the wild canyons, you get to explore the natural wonders that this island has.

#3. The QT Adventure Package – This package is curated to offer Adventure Junkies clients the best tour of Queenstown adventure activities. From rafting in the famous Whitewater rivers to exploring Lake Wakatipu, you will enjoy the very best of Queenstown.

#4. The NZ Adventure Package �” This package is perfectly curated for the lot interested in exploring the entire New Zealand while enjoying the best adventure the country has to offer. As such, with the NZ Adventure package, you begin exploring in Christchurch and make your way to Queenstown, all the while enjoying adrenaline pumping adventures.

Furthermore, for the lot who are looking for a more bespoke tour package, the company is capable of and does indeed offer custom tours. With this service, Adventure Junkies will arrange an adventure tour with the activities that you like, for the duration of your liking, and for the number of people, your group will have. In this regard, you can rest assured of a truly unique experience.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the time of your life while in South Island, New Zealand, contact Adventure Junkies. You will be happy with your choice.